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City of Chicago, Volume 7, 1913/1914, pages 1, 502-503:


Corporation  Counsel  and  Assistants


JANUARY  1,  1913,  TO  OCTOBER  5,  1914.


OCTOBER 27, 1913.        
M. FERRY, ESQ., City Telephone Supervisor.
    Dear Sir:
        We are in receipt of your communication of October 1st, in regard to the service furnished by the Chicago Musolaphone Company to its customers over the lines of the Illinois Telephone and Telegraph Company, for which service the former company makes a charge to its customers of $3 a week.
        You ask whether this charge is illegal in view of the clause in Section 6 of the Illinois Telephone and Telegraph Company ordinance of February 20, 1899, which, after fixing the maximum charges that the company may make to its subscribers for different kinds of service, provides that the company "shall make no further or additional charge for any improvements or device used for the benefit of the service. · · ·"
        As we understand your communication, the Telephone Company does not furnish the service referred to and makes no charge for or in connection therewith. The service appears to be furnished by the Chicago Musolaphone Company to persons who desire the service and voluntarily contract with the last mentioned company to pay it for furnishing the same.
        We are of the opinion that no violation of the clause of the ordinance referred to results from the making and collecting of the charge by the Chicago Musolaphone Company.
        You also ask whether the furnishing of the service referred to by the Chicago Musolaphone Company on Sunday (as distinguished from week-days) is illegal.
        We are of the opinion that the right to furnish the service is the same on Sunday as on the other days of the week.
Yours truly,                                         
BRYAN  Y.  CRAIG,            
Assistant Corporation Counsel.        
        WM.  H.  SEXTON,
                Corporation Counsel.