Placerville (California) Mountain Democrat, December 6, 1913, page 2:

Central  Calif.  Telephone  Herald  Co.

    Shareholders in this Company have been notified of a proposal to unite with a new Company, and requested to send their proxy to Sacramento. Instead of sending proxies to people we do not know, it is agreed that the proxies from this county should be sent to George Rieber, County Assessor, who will take measures to see that our interests are properly protected. Send them in at once.
Page 1:

Items  of  Local  Interest.

    A committee including George Rieber, Henry Marks, A. F. Davis, Mrs. A. L. Blakeley, S. H. Maginess and Wm. F. Bray went to Sacramento on Wednesday to attend a special meeting of the stockholders of the Central California Telephone Herald Co. called to consider the merging of this company with the Pacific Herald Telephone Co. It appearing that this would result in earlier and bigger dividends, it was done by a unanimous vote of the stockholders.