Newport (Rhode Island) Daily News, July 5, 1913, page 18:


Local  Sending  Stations  Ordered  Shut  Down  by  Wireless  Inspector.

    When the radio inspector from Boston, Mr. R. C. Gawles, was here last week he inspected all the local plants and directed those who had sending stations to shut down until they secured licenses. There were six such stations, but only four of them did much sending. They shut down as directed and have since been busy procuring licenses. Charles J. Mahoney of Pond avenue has received his licenses, for both station and operating, and it is understood that L. G. Mason has also received a license for both.
    It is many months since this law in regard to wireless telegraphy went into effect and the visit last week was the first from an inspector. There was, however, no complaint about the Newport sending stations, for none of the operators would interfere with regular messages and all were careful to send only when it would not interfere with the commercial or government stations.