The same graphic used in this advertisement was previously used in a July 7, 1912 advertisement for the Oregon Telephone Herald.

The original scan for this advertisement is located at:
San Francisco Call, January 5, 1913, page 38:
San Francisco Telephone Herald
News  and  Amusement  by  Wire

    A combined news and entertainment purveyor, "Heralding" its service over a private telephone line, from early morning until late at night to a large number of subscribers simultaneously, FOR  ONLY  FIVE  CENTS  A  DAY.
    It is not connected to the local telephone. We lease a separate wire and bring it into your home or place of business and install, without expense to you, a pair of little receivers. These receivers can be held to your ears with many comfortable devices.
    Our Commercial Service will be scheduled to various standard subjects, which are taken up at the different hours of the day and night.
    News Extras and Happenings of importance are announced by a buzzing sound in the receivers and are "heralded" to you as they happen.
    From early morning until evening it is one constant stream of news, weather reports, crop reports, political and civic matters, local and foreign notes, market reports, social notes, theatrical notes and criticisms, lectures, language lessons, baseball reports, music, stories and talks for the children, and many, many other subjects of interest touched on briefly at their scheduled hour--something of interest to every one.
    During the evening and until midnight comes delightful orchestra music, interspersed with songs by high class artists. You can also listen to parts of operas, songs, monologues, etc., from the principal theaters, vaudeville and opera houses in the city.
    The people of San Francisco will have occasion to rejoice over the installation of TELEPHONE  HERALD, a force ever making for good, for the dissemination of useful information, for the amelioration of suffering, for amusement and education of its people, such is the service which TELEPHONE  HERALD is now arranging to give to the people of San Francisco.


    In one short month, demonstrating and soliciting, we secured signed contracts for 10,767 installations.
    There are 100,000 hotel rooms and apartments, 30,000 homes, 100,000 offices and business places that will want Telephone Herald Service as fast as we can install the instruments.
    The Telectrophone or Telephone Herald Service earns 5 cents per day in homes and offices on monthly contracts; earns 10 cents per day in hotel rooms, apartments, hospitals, sanatoriums, etc.; earns many nickels in cigar stands, restaurants, barber shops and public waiting rooms of all kinds.
    You never had a chance like this before. We want some partners (partners are what stockholders really are) to help furnish the money in making the great number of installations before us--over twice as many as we expected to start with.
    Large net profits in sight right now, as soon as we can commence our Commercial Service. Every one we interest instantly becomes a walking advertisement for the Telephone Herald Service and brings us additional subscribers to the service. We confidently expect 50,000 subscribers within a year. Take your pencil and do a little figuring. Big profits in sight.
    Come and let us prove it. See our subscription map of the city; see our books; see our contracts for yearly subscription to the service. We can show you an earning power right now that will earn big dividends for the stockholders of TELEPHONE  HERALD. It is something the Great Public wants and is within the means of every one.
    NOW! is the time--687 Market Street is the place!