There is no evidence that this system progressed beyond the demonstration stage.
Mount Carmel (Pennsylvania) Item, March 12, 1914, page 1:


    The Telectrophone, a new invention that is being installed and is proving a popular feature in many of the largest cities of the east, is about to be introduced in Shamokin. Eight of the receivers have been installed at the Graemar Hotel and the initial demonstration of the remarkable invention was made last evening.
    The Telectrophone is an instrument by which news, music, lecture, sermons, vaudeville and entertainments of every description are brought directly into the home, office, hotel, club or hospital in a perfectly distinct and concise manner. The service is provided by a local exchange in much the same manner as a daily news service, only that it covers practically everything of an educational nature. The patron is informed when the concerts and various other features are in progress by the buzzing of the receiver.
    Edmond P. Schmidt, a former member of the New York Stock exchange, James F. Mendels, a former stock broker of New York and F. A. Lerch of Mount Carmel are representing the Telectrophone company in Shamokin. The receivers at the Graemar hotel were installed under their direction and they are arranging to install a large number of additional instruments throughout the town and country districts during the course of the next few months.