In this issue of the Radio Service Bulletin, five Special Amateur licences were reported issued for Ohio River valley. Four were in the state of Ohio: Harry S. Weber in Canal Dover (8ZX), Harry M. Rubel, Jr. in Cincinnati (8ZF), the Doron Brothers Electric Company in Hamilton (8ZU), and Ross McGregor in Springfield (8ZM), plus John C. Stroebel, Jr. in Wheeling, West Virginia (8ZW).

U.S. Department of Commerce, Radio Service Bulletin, March, 1915, page 7:


    During the recent flood in the Ohio Valley, the Secretary of Commerce detailed J. F. Dillon, radio inspector in charge at Cleveland, to supervise the operation of commercial and amateur radio stations in the district and to cooperate with the authorities to expedite the exchange of messages relative to life and property.
    Fortunately the flood did not reach the proportions of the flood of two years ago, and land-line communication was not interrupted. However, Mr. Dillon arranged with the owners of several powerful amateur stations in the flood district to transmit messages if necessary.
    Before leaving the district Mr. Dillon inspected many stations with a view to organizing a chain of stations, so that communication can be maintained in the event of a recurrence of the conditions which prevailed during the flood of 1913. Several special amateur station licences have been granted upon his recommendations.