New York Times, September 15, 1915, page 4:


Poulsen  Rights  In  England  Acquired  by  Wireless  Corporation.
Special  Cable  to  THE  NEW  YORK  TIMES.

    LONDON. Sept. 14.--The financial editor of The Daily Chronicle says:
    "A syndicate representing Marconi interests has acquired the Poulsen-Padna rights, and in due course the Poulsen system will become part of the Marconi organisation."
    According to this authority, an important option in connection with the British Poulsen wireless rights lapsed recently, though fresh arrangements would quite possibly have been made. In the meanwhile, however, the syndicate representing the Marconi interests, recognizing no doubt what a formidable rival the Poulsen system would be in the future if it remained independent, has stepped in and made an offer which apparently has been accepted.
    For the present, owing to Treasury restrictions, formation of a subsidiary company and other financial arrangements for the completion of the deal cannot be put through, but after the conclusion of peace it may be looked upon as certain that Poulsen will be under the Marconi banner.

    The Poulsen system of wireless telegraphy, worked out by Valdemar Poulsen of Copenhagen eight years ago, is said to be a much faster means of communication than that of Marconi. In 1907 Professor Poulsen also talked by wireless between Copenhagen and Berlin, some 250 miles, and proposed to establish a wireless telephone service to America, via Ireland. The Poulsen patents in the United States are controlled by the Federal Telegraph Company.