Brooklyn (New York) Daily Eagle, December 12, 1915, page 2:

(Special  Correspondence  of  The  Eagle.)
    Stockholm, November 20--A "telephone newspaper" is now in active operation here. It "comes out" at 9 o'clock in the evening; that is to say, that at that hour or later anybody who will spend ten "oere," or less than three cents, can get the latest war news, etc., by calling up central. Instead of asking for another exchange and a number, one asks for "Telephone News," whereupon the operator connects one with a phonograph that gives in a summary all the latest news that is not carried in the evening newspapers. If you are a regular subscriber your bill is charged with the extra amount, and if you call from a pay station you drop the little coin in a slot. The telephone that gives the news has a reinforced current so that one is sure to hear very plainly.
    Devices of a similar sort have been used for some time in giving Sunday afternoon concerts. They are very popular on stormy days, when no one can go out, and one can sit at home in an easy chair and hear the best singers and reciters in the city. It is not "canned music" that is served, but the living voice that comes over the wire. The reinforced current telephones are so perfected that one can hear concerts over the long-distance telephone. There have been cases where subscribers in Stockholm have heard concerts in Copenhagen and vice versa.