The (Portland) Oregon Daily Journal, May 4, 1915, page 2:


F.  M.  LeMonn,  Formerly  With  U. S. Cashier  Co.,  Is  Returned  From  Toledo,  O.


Accused  Man  Was  Indicted  in  Portland  in  February;  Leaves Los  Angeles  for  Eastern  Points.

    F. M. LeMonn, former sales manager of the U. S. Cashier company, who was returned to Portland yesterday from Toledo, Ohio, where he was captured by Postoffice Inspector Swenson, will be arraigned tomorrow morning on the indictment which charges him and eight other officials of the defunct company with use of the mails to defraud. His bonds are already fixed at $2500 and it is understood will be provided by local friends.
    When indicted, LeMonn was in Los Angeles selling books for a correspondence course, and was preparing to promote a corporation called the "Telectrophone company," a scheme organized along the lines of the ill-fated Telephone Herald of Portland, which he fathered, it is declared. The Oregon blue sky law sat down on his Herald scheme here and the enactment of a similar statute by the last California legislature nipped the "Telectrophone company" in the bud.
    He was indicted here in February and early in March left Los Angeles, determined, he later explained, to earn sufficient money to defend himself in Portland. He first went to Chicago, thence to Cleveland, then Detroit, from there to Lorain, Ohio, and finally to Toledo, where Swenson, trailing him, finally overtook him.