San Jose Mercury Herald, April 9, 1915, page 14:

    Rival Engineer Testifies--William W. Hanscomb, who is now the chief engineer of the National Wireless Telephone and Telegraph company, having succeeded Charles D. Herrold, testified yesterday afternoon and until a late hour last night before Superior Judge P. F. Gosbey, in the course of the hearing of the action brought by Herrold to get about $5400 alleged to be due him for perfecting the wireless telephone for the company. Hanscomb claims that most of the improvements made by Herrold were ultimately abandoned by the company. A night session of the court was held so Mr. Hanscomb would be able to get back to San Francisco in time for work this morning. Hanscomb was put on the stand by L. Seldenberg, attorney for the company, and was cross-examined by E. M. Rea, attorney for the plaintiff.