QST, December, 1916, page 28:

Arrest Radio Operator in San Antonio

Charge Amateur With "Breaking In" On Army  Messages.

    An amateur wireless operator, 17 years old, was arrested by federal officials, charged with interfering with the government wireless at Fort Sam Houston. The arrest was made, according to Assistant United States District Attorney Hugh R. Robertson, after the youth and his father had practically defied the federal authorities, asserting that no law prevented the use of the amateur wireless plant at any time the owner desired. The charge was made before United States Commissioner R. L. Edwards by Chief Terrell, of the secret service department, who had charge of the investigation. The complaint, drawn by Assistant District Attorney Robertson, sets out that the defendant "tampered with and interrupted telegraphic, telephonic or other system of communication used by the government." The defendant was released on $500 appearance bond.
    Complaint that amateur wireless operators have been "breaking in" on the government plant has been made very frequently by General Funston. An order issued some time ago forbids such interferences, and in two instances high powered wireless amateur plants have been dismantled. Continued interruption of the government plant caused Chief Terrell of the secret service to begin an investigation which, he said, caused him to suspect the one high-powered plant yet in service. A test was made, the army post wireless sought to send messages with this plant "breaking in," with the result that the army wireless operators declared the amateur plant was the one which had been giving them trouble.