San Jose Mercury Herald, December 24, 1916, page 1:


All  Stations  Within  1000  Miles  to  Hear  Program  Tomorrow.

    An extremely novel form of musical entertainment is planned for Christmas morning at 11 o'clock. The place will be anywhere that wireless waves can reach. Any boy who has a wireless outfit no matter how simple, can hear the music. Ships at sea as well as commercial and government stations within a radius of 1000 miles will be listening to catch the first strains of the opening number of the program.
    Professor Charles D. Herrold, the well-known radio and electrical engineer, assisted by Emile A. Portal, well known in wireless circles, will have charge of the concert.
    A modern talking machine will be placed in front of the transmitter through which flows a stream of cold water to protect against the powerful currents used. This system of wireless voice transmission has been subjected to the severest tests by Messrs. Herrold and Portal during the last three years and represents the highest development of the art.
    During the summer months, tests of this system were conducted by an engineering concern of Seattle, Washington, and pronounced well nigh perfect.
    At promptly 11 o'clock there will be a low murmur like escaping steam at a distance. This is the high frequency energy passing off from oscillator at a vibration frequency of 300,000 per second. Mr. Portal will leave the oscillator on for a few seconds to enable those with new outfits to get "tuned in."
    Following is the program which is divided into two parts. After a short intermission the second part will be rendered.

Joy to the World (Christmas hymn)Trinity Choir
Over the WavesSousa's Band
Ode to Wine, Woman and SongStraus
Hello, Hawaii, How Are You?Murray
Officer of the Day MarchPryor's Band
My Faith Looks Up to TheeTrinity Choir
Stars and Stripes ForeverSousa
A Perfect DayCarrie Jacobs-Bond

    Request for encores by radio.