The original scan for this article is located at:
New York Tribune, November 7, 1916, page 5.


Dr.  DeForest  Starts  New  Service  with  a  Concert

     Dr. Lee De Forest, of the De Forest Radio Telephone and Telegraph Company, last night inaugurated the first wireless news service at the company's laboratories, on Sedgwick Avenue, Highbridge. Dozens of wireless operators within a radius of one hundred miles, as well as ships at sea, picked up the messages which were sent out over the wireless telephone between 7:30 and 8:00 o'clock.
     The initial issue of "copy" from the laboratories was a gramophone concert of band music and operatic selections, but, beginning with election returns tonight, the leading news of the day will be radioed to all listeners each evening at 7:30.
     At last night's experiment, which was conducted by Walter Schare and Walter Cohen, Dr. De Forest's assistants, the microphone of the wireless telephone was placed in the horn of the gramophone. Connected with the microphone was an incandescent lamp, six inches in diameter, which sent the sound waves into the air.
     Dr. De Forest estimates that when the great number of wireless operators within the radius of his transmitter learn that he is sending out news every evening he will have at least 10,000 "subscribers" to the service.