New York Times, November 8, 1916, page 6:


De  Forest  Laboratories Flashed  Bulletins  at  Highbridge

    The Bronx produced an election-night innovation when, shortly after dark last evening, the De Forest radio laboratories in Highbridge began flashing returns by wireless. Amateur operators within a radius of 200 miles had been forewarned of the new information service, and it was estimated that several thousand of them received the news, many through using the newly manufactured wireless telephones.
    Some 200,000 persons, many of them minors, heard the returns in the main thoroughfares of Bronx County. For the most part they were orderly, particularly after the police, who were on duty in force, had divested the more frolicsome of their talcum powder and ticklers. The temper of the majority seemed to be on the Wilson side early in the evening, but, after the manner of election crowds, the spirit changed as soon as news that Mr. Hughes was elected was generally accepted.