The Electrical Experimenter, February, 1916, page 558:

receiver   A one-way wireless station, capable only of receiving wireless messages, without any apparatus for sending, has now become popular among industrial concerns, who find the wireless a convenient and accurate means for receiving standard time daily at noon and 10:00 p. m. This economical apparatus, costing but a small amount, consists simply of a receiving panel about 20x16 inches and a suitable aerial. This receiving apparatus is capable under favorable conditions of receiving from a distance of 2,000 miles. Only a short time is required for the operator to learn the standard wireless time code, so as to be able to receive them properly.
   The American Optical Company, of Southbridge, Mass., is among the latest to install a radio time receiving apparatus with which it gets standard time from Arlington, Va., daily. The yearly saving and convenience of the wireless message over the telegram has satisfied the officials of this concern that the venture is to be a most satisfactory one. Referring to the group of illustrations the time clocks to be checked by radio twice daily are seen in the upper left view. The antenna is observed at the right, as well as the operator in the act of tuning in the time signals.