The original copy of this article comes from
Brooklyn Eagle, February 18, 1917, page 4:
Has  Concerts  at  Home  By  Wireless  Telephone

    Eben J. Homan of 1915 Sixty-second street, in the Mapleton section, occasionally invites his friends to his home these days to hear a concert by wireless telephone.
    The concert is a dozen miles away but that makes no difference to the assembled guests who have been unanimous in pronouncing the entertainment delightful.
    Mr. Homan has the satisfaction of knowing that the wireless apparatus is of his own construction. Though he is self-educated he has a commercial license from the United States Government as a wireless telegrapher.
    For two years Mr. Homan has had a wireless in his house and has received and translated messages from long distance. Lately he has attached telephone receivers to his apparatus and these are connected by wireless with the DeForest Company's plant at Highbridge. By an arrangement with the DeForest Company Mr. Homan is able to hear concerts and entertainments. He is said to be one of about four hundred listeners who have the same privilege any night between 8 and 9 o'clock except on Saturday and Sunday.
    The program is varied by request. A few evenings ago at the request of a Mr. Foster of Brooklyn the entire evening was devoted to dance music for the entertainment of about one hundred guests. His receiver is enlarged by a megaphone attachment. The following night a Wagnerian program was given.
    It is interesting and almost weird to sit in Mr. Homan's upper room and hear the announcements of the director at Highbridge as plainly as if he were sitting beside you and know that the sound has come directly through the air to the wireless on the roof and at the same time has gone also by the air route as far away as Indianapolis, a distance of 700 miles; Buffalo, a distance of 400 miles, and to the steamship Florida off Cape Hatteras.
    The other night there was given an entertainment at which Miss King of Paterson sang, a communication was received from Mr. Cannon of New Rochelle and listeners sent their congratulations to the receiving station at Highbridge.