Journal of Electricity, July 15, 1917, page 59:


    Wireless telephony as well as wireless telegraphy will be used by the United States Navy in its war operations. A year ago, by order of Secretary of the Navy Daniels, telephone officials of the Bell system and Navy officers planned and successfully carried out a three-day mobilization of communication forces during which war conditions were simulated. Instantaneous communication was provided over the wires of the Bell system by both telephone and telegraph from the office of the Secretary at Washington to all the naval stations in the continental United States, and wireless telephone communication was maintained between the office of the Secretary and an American battleship in the Atlantic Ocean.
    Since that time engineers and scientists connected with the Bell system have been working in close cooperation with officials of the Navy Department and have developed further the use of the wireless telephone in the naval service. The plans followed in the original mobilization have proven in practical operation to be as highly satisfactory as they were at that time.
    The telephone and telegraph engineers, whose organizations are all represented on the telegraph and telephone committee of the Council of National Defense, have also been working with the Army and naval officials, the National Research Council and the Naval Consulting Board on many research problems of vital importance to national defense, such as telephone communication with airplanes, new wireless methods, and apparatus for detecting the presence of submarines, and important progress has been made.