The Electrical Experimenter, May, 1917, page 23:
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The  Washington's  Birthday  Relay  Prize  Winners 
By  W.  H.  KIRWAN,  (9XE)
Master  Radio  Relays,  Radio  League  of  America
WELL, boys, you did it; the first official, Trans-continental M.S.G. (message) No. 1 from the Mayor of New York to the Mayor of Los Angeles, went thru with the customary speed and reliability of all the Relay messages we have worked on. The special stations sent the westbound message from New York on this night from 2ZK at New Rochelle, using 8YI, 9XM and 9ZF to 6EA, which last station is in Los Angeles, Cal. Considering the time, one and one-half hours, and the great "QRM" (interference) and the repeating of message on account of misspelt words, it was truly wonderful.
    The westbound message used special stations only and was as follows:
To the Mayors of Los Angeles, Cal., and Seattle, Wash.:
    On behalf of New York City, I send cordial greetings to Los Angeles and Seattle, and best wishes for the success of the Radio System.
        John Purroy Mithel,
            Mayor of New York.
Edward B. Duvall     Thousands of amateurs copied this message with varying degrees of exactness thruout the country, as four heaping bushels of letters have shown. This was the first relay attempted by the writer, the necessary notices of which were publisht in this magazine. Some of you did not hear about the Relay because you are not regular subscribers. Let this be a lesson--Get your name down so that you will receive your magazine promptly and regularly.
    Now, here comes the sad part. You will see "by the papers," that on this night we had good radio weather as far as the Rockies, but the writer had studied the weather man and looked for trouble southwest and west, and we had it! A healthy young cyclone was dancing merrily over Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California, and the tail end of a regular old-time "QRM" storm was making life miserable for the boys in the war west, but with it all, 6EA got the message direct from 9ZF. 6DM, who volunteered to help 6EA, put on full power and promptly blew the fields of his gap motor, leaving 6EA to do the honors and, by golly, he did.
    Seefred Bros., delivered this message to the Mayor of Los Angeles, and promptly received his reply, but QRM and QRN were so bad by this time that it was a physical impossibility to get it thru to 9ZF. 6EA stuck to his post, however, and got the message thru the next night too late for 9ZF to find anyone out of bed. 9XE arranged for all eastbound amateurs to be on the job, and the message came thru fine, being delivered to the Mayor of New York by Mr. Geo. C. Cannon, 2ZK, the next morning early.
    Lots of you kept me company by staying up all night waiting for the return message and now you know why it could not get back on schedule. The return message was as follows:
To the Mayor of New York City:
    On behalf, of the City of Los Angeles, I return your greetings and wish you continued prosperity. Congratulations to Amateur Radio on the successful message.
        Fred I. Woodman,
            Mayor of Los Angeles.
A. P. Smith     By counting up the total time consumed on each message, we call the race between Specials and Amateurs a tie, with the handicap of the low wave length of the amateurs, giving them a slight preference for a decision in their favor, but my former contention still holds--that the amateurs are not yet prepared to handle these transcontinental messages with as great a degree of certainty as the Specials, unless they can get together and have emergency stations in the long jumps.
    I am not posing as an expert, but candidly believe that fifty miles, worked absolutely sure, with a great number of relay stations, is more reliable than a few with long jumps, working only when the conditions permit. This is what we propose to do now by organizing the "Q.R.M. League." In it, there will be a chance for all of you to help and not just a few thruout the country who want to work every night, and who want you to shut up. You know, boys, this good old U.S.A. is a pretty big place and these Relays are run for your benefit, but there are some few in this country who live in a state that has as much real earth in it as is blown into the air in some of our larger states during every wind storm!
    These few think they are very important and if you don't do as they say, why the Government will close you up. They say "The Danger Signal is up." Did you ever hear of a good, red-blooded American Kid who could be bluffed? No! It is not in your make-up. The Government is only too anxious for you to perfect yourself in the art, and help it out by joining the "Radio Reserves. 3AK


    This is a stunner for one who would like to give everybody that helped a prize, but it can't be done, so I am going to ask the boys who acted as sending stations to consider that they are one of the family and help me by agreeing that the prizes should go to the boys who made the best records in receiving and delivery. The rest of the amateurs will be rewarded by having their name printed in this magazine, so that when you grow older and have a little one on each knee in front of the old log fire, some cold night, you may read to them about Daddy and what he did when he was a mere boy.
    Before you all get busy reading about the prize winners, I want to call your attention to several hard workers who turned in the most complete reports, or "logs," of the relay, that the writer has ever had the privilege of reading.
    Hoyt, of Hayward, California, 6SI, who is also a prize winner, turned in the most complete report ever seen.
    Stewart of St. Davids, Pennsylvania, 3ZS, whom you all know as one of the hard workers of the Radio Association of Pennsylvania, turned in a truly wonderful report, but he stayed up till nearly 6 a.m. the next morning, boys, and from the looks of his "log," he went to sleep with the pen in his hand. It really only took me about two hours to digest this report. Emerson of Dallas, Texas, 5DU, as ex-man-o-warsman, turned in a regular Navy Report, brim full of interest and curt reports. He, too, along about the dog watch, evidently slept on duty. Bet he is glad he wasn't aboard the good ship "Hardship," as they shoot men in wartime for sleeping on duty. He was right on deck tho, all the time, and the writer could clearly read his calls to 9ZF and answers to the boys east.
    The boys of the San Francisco Radio Club also made splendid reports, as did also our College Professors, who are always with us.
    A perfectly legal report was also received from a staid old lawyer in Jacksonville, Fla., who prefaced his letter with the remark that he was not trying for a prize, but being a "Radio-Bug," he just could not keep still.
    A well known D. D. S. in Elmira, also sent in a very complete report and called it a great night's work.
    I just compared two interesting letters from one amateur.
    1916.  He was diligently stabbing a piece of galena and complaining about his vibrator sticking on his one inch coil. Said he did not get M.S.G. but thought he would report anyway.
    1917.  He sent me a list of stations he hears, as long as your arm, and he is now sporting a one K.W. and working as a star relay station, 1,000 miles being as nothing to him. I heard him from my station--clear, quick sending; prompt business-like signatures, and abbreviations that went clear over my head. "The world do move!"


    Mr. E. B. Duvall and Mr. A. P. Smith are awarded the prize of the Electro Importing Company--their "Nauen POZ" Radio Receiving Set! These young men operate jointly the Radio Station, 3AK, in Baltimore, Md. This prize is awarded for the quickest delivery of both messages, and particularly in being on the job for the return M.S.G. No one but the sending stations east of 9ZF knew when the east bound M.S.G. was coming thru. If this had been a real emergency call for Government help on 200 meters, these same fellows would have landed the message just the same. Congratulations to them.


    Mr. W. B. Pope, 4AA, of Athens, Georgia, is awarded the Professional Wave Meter, donated by the Electro Importing Company of New York. It was awarded for long distance reception, prompt business-like delivery, and for perfect indexing, timing and marking both east and westbound messages, received in approved commercial style. From a study of the Q.R.M. map, he was seriously handicapped on both messages, and is heartily congratulated by the writer and all good radio "sports."


    Kenneth Briggs of Rochester, N.Y., 8MG, whom you all remember as almost catching up with C. E. Hughes, the presidential candidate, with a copy of the Relay Message on October 27th, 1916, is awarded the One K.W. Thordarson Transformer, donated again by the Thordarson Transformer Company of Chicago, thru their Mr. Connors. Mr. Briggs is congratulated on his persistency, good receiving, prompt delivery and true American spirit, as he showed not the least jealousy toward several who were working against him. The Q.R.M. map showed marked interference, particularly on westbound messages, and he can thank the Q.R.T. of W. C. Ballard, Jr., at Cornell College, 8XU, for giving him the chance to win this prize. I hope he will perfect his sending apparatus, and line up with the Q.R.M. League.


    Scott High School of Toledo, Ohio, is awarded the William B. Duck's celebrated Arlington Tuner; for long distance reception with moderate apparatus; diligent and persistent listening for the return message and very complete business-like report.


    Leander L. Hoyt of Hayward, Cal., 6SI, is awarded the Chambers No. 749 tuner for the reception of arc and spark signals. This prize is awarded for the long distance work and incessant effort to line the boys up in that neighborhood to a realization that, for once, California would be put on the Relay Map. Mr. Hoyt besides, turned in one of the most wonderful and complete reports on everything of importance that happened, from the moment the westbound M.S.G. left New York, until the eastbound message arrived in the same city. The absence of jealousy shows he is a real man--an American--and one from whom we will hear more later on. To satisfy you all, we will publish this report in this magazine, if Mr. Hoyt's permission to do so may be obtained later. We most earnestly hope Mr. Hoyt will not find as much real cause for worry when listening in on the wave lengths from 6,000 meters up as he heard during the relay from 600 meters down. California is surely lined up now for good work with such fellows as 6EA for sending L.D. and 6SI for detail work. Mr. Hoyt will make a valuable addition to the Q.R.M. League.


    Mr. and Mrs. C. Chandler--8NH, whom you all know and have heard, are located in St. Mary's, Ohio, but their "Sigs." do not stay at home. During the Presidential Relay, this station received six hard-earned credits and later stated that their transformer was not working right. They surely proved this during the last relay, as their "Sigs." were everywhere, and if it had not been for this station, lots of stations south and west would never have received the Westbound M.S.G. at all. Some who did not know 8NH was supposed to help on relay, reported him as Q.R.M. When you all get your stations arranged so that you can Q.R.M. boys 1,000 miles away, you are sure on the trail of efficient long distance work.
    This station is awarded the prize of the Perfection Radio Laboratory of Clinton, Iowa. One Short Wave Amplifying Tuner. The writer used a tuner of this make during the last relay and could hear the "Sigs." of 4CL and 2PM, very Q.S.A. It is a very small and compact affair and am sure 8NH will find it a most valuable addition to their station. The owner or maker of this apparatus calls it a "Cow Sucker." It is the most sensitive and reliable receiver the writer has ever used.


    O. R. Terry, Stoughton, Wis., is awarded the prize of the Manhattan Electric Supply Company of Chicago. This is a pair of 3,000 Ohm Mesco phones. They are dandies and the writer has been using a pair for the last year. Mr. Terry made a creditable report and great record for receiving thru Q.R.M. of the worst kind.


    The Phoenix Radio Club of Phoenix, Ariz., is awarded the donation of Mr. Philip B. Edelman of St. Paul, Minn. This is his latest book, "Experimental Wireless Stations," and it is a wonder how so much useful information has been crowded into such a compact space. This book will put Arizona on the wireless map forever, and the prize is awarded for long distance reception, cooperation in the relay, and real genuine American patriotism in keeping quiet when necessary.


    The prize winners may obtain these prizes by writing to the above Donees and giving your name and address, and referring to this issue of THE ELECTRICAL EXPERIMENTER.


    There is not enough space in this magazine to report all Q.R.M., but some of it was intentional, and the writer does not care to stir up any ill feeling by publishing it. If you are interested in knowing, however, who deliberately Q.R.M.'d the stations in Connecticut and Massachusetts at 10:35 p.m., the night of February 24, 1917, write to 1IZ--R. T. St. James, Great Barrington, Mass.


    Below you will find the names of the boys and stations that made "perfect scores."
R. A. of Arizona, 6FD, Phoenix
L. B. Glenn, 6IT, Alhambra
J. Giraud, 6EO, Phoenix
R. Higgy, 6DM, Phoenix
John M. Clayton, 5BV, Little Rock
W. H. Smith, 9ZF, Denver
Seefred Bros., 6EA, Los Angeles
L. Lynde, 6UG, Long Beach
C. H. Hirst, Stanford University
F. Terman, 6FT, Stanford University
L. L. Hoyt, 6SI, Hayward
B. F. Doig, 9ZF Denver
H. Haugh, HH, Derby
M. Tuve, MT, Canton S.D.
P. C. Green, PG, Aberdeen, S.D.
D. Cottam, DCL, La Moure, N.D.
E. Worthington, 9APG, Aberdeen, S.D.   
B. R. Issak, 9TZ, Eureka, S.D.
A. Shaw, AS, Parkston, S.D.
J. C. Cooper, Esq., 4EI, Jacksonville
C. M. West, U.S.N., St. Augustine
D. L. Gaston, CWW, Commerce
A. F. Hood, CWW, Commerce
C. H. Williams, 4CY, Covington
J. R. Shumate, 4EC, Tomasville
W. B. Pope, 4AA, Athens
S. W. Pierson, 9PY, Carrolton
R. H. G. Mathews, 9ZN, Chicago
B. B. Boynton, 9ARA, Sycamore
L. A. Kern, 9GY, Matoon
H. Klaus, HK, Eureka
R. W. Beard, 9GK, Pleasant Plains
B. H. Giddings, 9MK, Lanark
H. A. Mackley, 9AIM, Peoria
G. Decker, 9QNO, Ligonier
L. B. Wilcox, 9KH Angola
L. Gehring, 9AAS, Bluffton
P. K. Romey, 9QR, Columbia City
J. E. Williams, JW, La Grange
W. E. Slauson, 9AMI, Monticello
H. O. Ainsworth, 9AMI, Monticello
S. U. of Iowa, 9YA, Iowa City
Don Bailey, 9RD, Clinton
Lester Fawcett, 9AIF, Independence
C. Tumwall, CT, Ottumwa
W. Harper, WH, Ottumwa
H. M. Ennis, HME, Ottumwa
Kent Bros., 9ARF, De Witt
"The Old War Horse," 9RD, Clinton
W. S. Ezell, 9YE, Wichita
Karl Keller, 9ADE, Kinsley
P. B. Grenlaw, 5BB, Franklinton
C. B. King, 3SV, Baltimore
B. B. Duvall, 3AK, Baltimore
A. P. Smith, 3AK, Baltimore
L. W. Passano, Marconi Operator,
    M. &  M. Co., Baltimore
R. T. St. James 1IZ, Great Barrington
P. C. Smith, Haverhill
B. B. George, 1ANA, Framingham
B. H. Moran, 1AAM, Natick
J. L. Munger, LM, Sturgis
W. Benson, 8ANR, Battle Creek
Ed. Holby, 9OE, Marquette
Y.M.C.A., 8QJ, Ann Arbor
M. B. Rann, 8ADR, Lansing
W. Koivanen, WK, Chisolm
D. G. Carter, 8WR, Grosse Point
Peter Hansen, PH, Chisolm
W. Corwin, 9ABD, Jefferson City
Washington University, 9XV, St. Louis
H. Longmire, Monroe City
B. Emerson, Monroe City
A. C. Campbell, 7ZC, Lewiston
Bradford Telepea, No Call, Tekomah
J. N. Simpson, 8CM, Rochester
W. C. Ballard, 8XU, Ithaca
Genesee Radio Station, 8OZ, Rochester
Dr. H. B. Fitch, 8ZE, Elmira
O. W. Saxton, 8FY, Buffalo
A. C. Young, 8ARB, Buffalo
H. Blower, 2HB, Brooklyn
Kenneth Briggs, 8MG, Rochester
J. Weiss, 2FH, Port Washington
G. M. Benas, 8CC, Utica
W. J. Vickery, 8SE, Gloversville
J. K. Hewitt, 2AGJ, Albany
W. S. Rothrock, 4DI, Winston Salem
J. T. Moorehead, JM, Greensboro
Fred Travis, Defiance
R. Hoffman, Defiance
D. Israel, 8ANC, Cincinnati
G. D. Howsare, 8ASG, Eaton
D. Schellenbach, 8IF, Wyoming
R. A. Duerk, 8AHI, Defiance
C. Linxweiler, 8LJ, Dayton
(No Name), 8ATG, Tiffin
C. Candler, 8NH, St. Mary's
L. Berman, 8ML, Cincinnati
Scott High School, 8ZL, Toledo
Merle Sager, 8ASW, Tiffin
N. Thomas, 8FX, Marietta
M. B. West, 8AEZ, Lima
J. F. Eckel, 8PL, Cincinnati
J. O. Hibbett, 1113, Ottawa
L. M. Clausing, 8YL, Lima
A. & M. Steddon, 5AB, Oklahoma City
H. T. Mapes, 3AUC, Carlisle
Chris. M. Bowman, 3PC, Lancaster
High School Station, 8JS, Bellefonte
L. & H. Alexander, 8ALE, Grove City
R. R. Goodwin, No call, Roulette
M. H. Mandelkern, 3MR, Philadelphia
Peabody High School, 8YZ, Pittsburgh
W. & S. Shoop, RS, Vandergrift
F. J. Anderson, 3QD, Reading
F. H. Brian, Smithport
C. H. Stewart, 3ZS, St. David's
Nassau Bros., 3CT, Philadelphia
Karl E. Hassel, Oper., 8YI, Pittsburgh
R. C. Clement, 8AJT, Washington
St. Joseph's College, 3XJ, Philadelphia
C. E. Davis, No call, Edgewood
M. V. Pollys, Jr., 1EMG, Bristol
H. W. Thornley, 1AI, Pawtucket
S. H. Sheib, 5CY, Nashville
C. B. Delahunt, 5ZD, Memphis
B. Emerson, 5DU, Dallas
R. Corlett, 5ZC, Dallas
J. L. Antry, 3ED, Houston
C. W. Gilfillan, FM, Austin
R. R. Chappell, 3 St, Richmond
G. C. Robinson, 3 St, Richmond
J. F. Wohford, 3WF, Roanoke
W. T. Gravely, 3RO, Danville
J. E. Krone, 3TY, Newport News
A. N. Johnson, 3TY, Newport News
J. E. Law, No call, Clarksburg
H. E. Burns, 8AGH, Martinsburg
H. J. Crawford, 9WT, Wausau
C. Quinn, 9ARD, Neenah
M. P. Hanson, 9XM, Madison
E. H. Hartnell, 9BV, Salem
A. Rufsvold, 9ADI, Marinette
O. R. Terry, 9HQ, Stoughton