Frank Conrad was an engineer who worked at the Westinghouse plant in East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Conrad's experimental station, 8XK, reviewed in this article, was located in a garage adjacent to his home in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania.

New York Times, December 26, 1919, page 3:


400  Pittsburghers  Listen  to  Selections  Transmitted  by  Local  Inventor

Special to The New York Times.
    PITTSBURGH, Dec. 25.--Listening by means of wireless telephone to a selection of music played by a phonograph has become the Saturday evening amusement of 400 owners of wireless receiving sets living in Pittsburgh, Pa., and its environs.
    Several weeks ago Frank Conrad, who has a private laboratory at Penn Avenue and Peebles Street, this city, took his phonograph over to his wireless telephone transmitter, put on a record, and started the music. When it was ended he called up Frank Moore, Jr., at Forbes and Braddock Avenues, who possesses the only other sending set for a wireless telephone, and asked how the music sounded. Moore was enthusiastic, and that started the concerts. The music is heard, it is said, in exactly the tones rendered by the phonograph record.