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Washington Times, August 25, 1919, section 2, page 1:


    With the aid of the "great voice," a wireless magnifying telephone, the address of Vice President Marshall, speaking at the Trinity Church, was heard in most of the District and parts of Virginia last night.
    Listeners reported that the vice president's address was heard distinctly at Bowling field, the steps of the Capitol, the Washington Monument and on the President's yacht, the Mayflower. Passersby at Fifteenth and H streets were startled when they heard a voice from the sky praising the league of nations and predicting its adoption by this government.
    The Vice President in his address discussed the league, and declared the time has come when America must take part in all world wars wherein the question of right and wrong is concerned. He denounced profiteers, and declared the American people should practice thrift and buy less of the luxuries of life.