Electrical Experimenter, August, 1919, page 372:


    Godfrey Issacs says the English Marconi company, of which he is managing director, expects to have a commercial service of wireless telephones in operation in New York and London early next year.
    The company hopes to make arrangements with New York and London telephone companies so that eventually the British and American wireless 'phone subscribers will be able to sit at their desks and "Hello, London" or "Hello, New York."
    Isaacs foresees the day, not far distant, when pocket wireless telephones will be in wide use. A business man's secretary, walking along the street, Isaacs says, will hear a bell ring in his pocket, will put a receiver to his ear and hear "his master's voice" give him instructions, probably from an airplane hundreds of miles away.
    The Daily Mail says that the British government probably will compel all commercial airplanes and airships to carry wireless telephone or telegraph equipment. Larger machines of both types may be compelled to carry both.