Aerial Age Weekly, August 25, 1919, page 1099:

Radio  Telephone  Concert  for  New  York  as  All-American  Pathfinders  Start
    New York, N. Y.--Uncle Sam's first aerial transcontinental recruiting expedition, known as the All-American Pathfinders, started from Mineola, L. I., on August 13, and one of the nine aeroplanes in the squadron, equipped with the new wireless telephone system, sent a farewell message and a Sonora phonograph concert from the sky as it passed over the city, to the people of New York.
    Co-operating with the War Department, the Adams Aerial Transportation Company had a wireless telephonic receiving set erected in its offices in the Times building, with the aerials on the Rialto Theater. This installation was made by the International Radio Telegraph Company, which conducted the receiving end of the unusual demonstration. This company also furnished the Navy Department with the radio equipment used on the NC trans-Atlantic fliers.
    A representative gathering of officers identified with the aviation sections of the Army and Navy, as well as many others prominent in the sphere of aviation, were present to hear the farewell message and music from the sky.
    The aeroplane equipped with the wireless telephonic outfit was piloted by Lieut. J. E. Adams, while Lieut. C. C. Shangraw was the radio officer. Popular musical selections were sent and Lieut. Shangraw's appreciation of humor and topics of the day was demonstrated when he sent the following message: "I feel like a theatrical manager--I am way up in the air."
    The demonstration proved to be a complete success and will be repeated over all of the 171 cities and towns on the itinerary of this great flight from New York to San Francisco.