Middlebury (Indiana) Independent, October 24, 1919, page 1:


Maxwell  Hutchinson  First  Middlebury  Person  To  Hear Radio Telephoney

    To Maxwell Hutchinson falls the honor of being the first local citizen, so far as we know, of hearing a person speaking in Chicago at this place. This little stunt Maxwell has been doing for a number of evenings and over Sunday the past week.
    At the Chicago Electric Exposition experiments are being conducted with radio telephoney, a science developed during the war and but recently perfected. The experimenter converses through a large sending horn at the Collesium at Chicago, his message being relayed by the United States Radio station at Chicago. A victrola is being used to send music via the radio telephone and these selections are being plainly heard by Mr. Hutchinson.
    On Sunday he took his instruments to Ligonier, where Glenn Decker, another amateur wireless operator has a station, and the two young men spent the greater part of the day listening to the concert at Chicago. Spoken words are as audible as the music.
    The remarkable part of the sending by radio telephone is the fact that the sender is using but seven tenths amps of power, whereas amateur wireless operators use from 3 to 10 amps.
    Maxwell has been hearing Mexico City, San Francisco and other distant points quite frequently on his wireless telegraphy outfit.