Contrary to what the first article reported, the theme of the talk series was "the cost of 'high living'", not "the high cost of loving".
Washington Star, August 24, 1919, page 2:


H.  C.  L.  Address  Tonight  to  Be  Flashed  Over  Wires  Also.


    Science will serve an the handmaiden of economy tonight, when an address by Vice President Marshall at the Trinity Civic Forum will be sent all over the city by the new "great 'voice'" apparatus for magnifying sound, and will, at the same time, be flashed to more distant points by means of the wireless telephone and wireless telegraph.
    The address will mark the close of a discussion on "How to Reduce the the High Cost of Loving" that has been in progress for two weeks, and the particular subject which the Vice President will discuss will be "Problems America Is Facing and Will Solve."
    The Army and Navy are co-operating with the officials of the forum to make the unique distribution of the speech a success, and by means of the wireless towers at Arlington it is hoped that Secretary Daniels of the Navy Department may read the speech in the Hawaiian Islands a few minutes after it is delivered. Stenographers will copy the address as it is delivered and will rush it to the Arlington station to be sent out at once.

Interest  Here  In  "Great Voice."

    Chief Interest, in Washington, however, will center in the use of the "great voice," the carrying power of which will be determined somewhat by electrical and atmospheric conditions, but which will make the voice of the speaker audible within most of the District of Columbia, it is said.
    The doors of Trinity Church, 3rd and C streets, will be opened this evening at 7:30 o'clock, and the usual Sunday evening service will he held, at the conclusion of which the rest of the program will be turned over to the Trinity Civic Forum, under the direction of Rev. Dr. David Ransom Covell. This probably will be about 8:30 o'clock.

How  Forum  Will  Begin.

    The forum will begin with Secretary Fairfax Naulty issuing the call by the "great voice" for all citizens of Washington to attend the program by giving attention in their homes, or wherever they may be. Dr. Covell will then read the 8th Psalm and the congregation will sing "Onward, Christian Soldiers." A cello solo, "The Palms"; a comet solo, "The Holy City," and the playing of Gounod's "Sanctus" on the pipe organ will follow in turn, after which the Vice President will speak.
    The entire program will be magnified by means of the "great voice," and it is expected that the cello solo will be particularly pleasing, as the vibrations will be taken directly from the bridge of the instrument and not from the air, as will be necessary with the other numbers.
    Maj. Gen. George O. Squire, chief signal officer of the War Department, has co-operated with Mr. Naulty to make the transmission of the program a success, and the actual work has been in charge of Lieut. Col. Paddock, a nephew of Gen. Pershing, who has been decorated by the French government for bravery.
Washington Star, August 25, 1919, page 12:


Phone  Device  Carries  Address  All  Over  D. C.--Cost  of  "High  Living"  His  Topic

    Vice President Marshall's address at Trinity Civic Forum, Trinity Church last night was heard through the aid of the "great voice" over not only, practically all of Washington, but, over other parts of the District and in parts of nearby Virginia.
    The "great voice" which carried the Vice President's voice to places miles distant from the church is a magnifying telephone tuned to catch the vibrations of the speaker's voice so that they are made intelligible at great distances, acting on the principle of a long-distance telephone, but with greatly enlarged receivers. The device was installed at the forum under the direction of Maj. Gen. Squier, chief signal officer, U. S. A.

"Heard"  on  Presidential  Yacht.

    Under a "general call" from the great wireless station at Arlington and radio operators on the presidential yacht, the Mayflower, the message was also caught by radio.
    In his address Mr. Marshall said that 60 per cent of the American people have enough to pay for luxuries and asserted that instead of the high cost of living the "cost of high living is the factor to be reckoned with." He said that prices are not proportionately higher at present than at the close of the civil war, and that the cure for the present high cost of living means reversion to the "good old American system of cutting out the luxuries." He said the inherent American traits of courage and fidelity will solve the problem.

Predicts  League  for U. S.

    The Vice President said he believed the United States was going to have a league of nations. "There can be no such thing as neutrality when might ts fighting right," the Vice President said. "There are enough right-minded people in America to preserve the democratic principles upon which this nation was founded. Thoughtful foresight will save the situation."
    Last night's meeting of the forum was the last for the summer. David Ransom Covell left for New York today and will secure speakers for the forum. Fairfax Naulty, secretary of the forum, announced that international questions will be discussed during the winter.