According to comtemporary records, Frank E. Breene lived at 419 North Clinton Street in Iowa City, Iowa, and operated amateur station 9JL.
Iowa City Daily Press, May 1, 1920, page 8:


    Did you ever hear a big, splendid Naval band, the one that appeared on S. U. I. campus two springs ago, for example, play at a distance of about 237 miles?
    Frank Breene, athlete, scholar, and young scientist, a son of Dr. F. T. Breene, dean of the college of dentistry, enjoyed that sensation perfectly, last night.
    The Athenian scholar, one of the brightest boys in university Hi, has erected a wireless station, and it was through the operation of this institution that he was able to listen to "Marconized" music, last evening.
    The Chicago station was the scene of the starting of the harmony over its nearly 250 mile tract of air--the biggest concert hall in the world.
    The Great Lakes Naval band first played thrilling airs into a Victrola, and then, the latter instrument was placed before the wireless transmitters, and poured forth its mechanical soul--almost humanly!
    Erelong, Mr. Breene predicts, the band, itself, will play directly into the transmitters.
    As it is, however, the "pieces" came floating through space, to the marvelous "antennae" of the Breene station, which sieze them in electrical grasp, and deliver the music, remarkably clear and sweet, to the ears of the listening Hawkeye boy.