QST, August, 1920, page 53:

    Amateurs in the vicinity of New York were recently treated to a concert of dance music transmitted by radiophone from Station 2AB for the benefit of the Radio Club of Brooklyn, some fifteen miles away, where loud speakers were placed in the hall and the radio music received as loud as an orchestra which furnished the alternate dance numbers.
    Our photograph shows the apparatus, which was all constructed by its owner, Mr. Morton W. Sterns. This set delivers about 15 watts to the aerial, and has done remarkable work for this power having been reported in every state this side of the Mississippi River and has made two records in excess of 1300 miles.
    2AB is sending out regular concerts on Friday evenings at 8 and Sunday mornings at 11 o'clock, and would be glad to have reports from stations over 100 miles distant.
2AB transmitter