Cincinnati Post, February 4, 1920, page 1:


Phonograph-Records  Heard  10  Miles  Away

    That the future critic of music may be called upon to pass judgment on "wireless concerts," was the opinion ventured following an experiment in Cincinnati Tuesday night.
    John L. Gates, president of the Precision Equipment Co., manufacturers of wireless apparatus, 2437 Gilbert av, owns what is believed to be the only wireless telephone transmission set in Cincinnati.
    To receive wireless voice messages the ordinary wireless telegraph receiver may be used. And so, operators within a radius of 10 miles "listened in" on a concert given by Gates Tuesday night.
    Gates played phonograph records, which were heard distinctly by amateur operators, they reported to him by wireless telegraph. Gates has a sending apparatus at his home and the receiving end at his office. At the receiving end voice amplifiers were attached and his voice was plainly heard.