The Electrician, June 18, 1920, page 658:

A  " Wireless "  Concert.
    THE experiments in wireless telephony which are being conducted by the Marconi Company received an added interest on Tuesday owing to the collaboration of DAME MELBA. This famous prima donna sang in front of the ordinary receiving apparatus at Chelmsford, and the concert thus provided was heard by numerous specialists and amateurs within a range of 1,000 miles. A member of our staff who was "listening in" at Watford reports that the singing was extraordinarily clear, even the notes of the accompanying piano and the conversation of those in the room being heard distinctly ; but, as is usual when wireless telephony is being employed, there was difficulty with the tuning, and it was necessary to keep constantly varying the condenser. For this reason, and seeing that these concerts and conversations are followed with wide interest, it would be as well if the Marconi Company could allow more time for tuning before the actual séance begins. In thus bringing the possibilities of wireless telephony to the general notice, the Company are carrying out good work. There is, of course, a great deal to be done before such methods can be established on a commercial scale, but there is no reason why any time should be lost in educating the public in the progress of this new means of inter-communication.