The unnamed "Detroit Newspaper" referred to in this article was the Detroit News, which also broadcast the regatta results by radio, over station 8MK.
Scientific American, October 9, 1920, page 381:
Radiotelegraphy at the Gold Cup Regatta

Using  Wireless  to  Catch  the  Newspaper  Edition
IN order to catch a certain edition, necessitating the rapid transmission of the results of the races, a Detroit newspaper made good use of wireless telegraphy during the Gold Cup Regatta, held recently on the Detroit River.
    A short-range wireless transmitter and a conventional receiving set were installed aboard the Regatta Committee barge, as shown in the two accompanying views. A young radio amateur of Detroit handled the press dispatches aboard the barge and transmitted them some eight miles to the newspaper office in Detroit. Thus the results of the races were immediately conveyed to the editorial rooms, whereas upward of an hour would have been required by means of a fast boat and the information could not be issued in the desired edition.