According to government records, in late 1920 the Michigan Agricultural College in East Lansing, Michigan was issued a Technical and Training School licence for station 8YG. After the introduction of a formal broadcasting service, station WKAR was licenced to the Michigan State College on August 18, 1922 -- this station is still on the air.
Telephony, August 14, 1920, page 17:

Michigan  College  Plans  Wireless  Telephones  for  Farms.

    Wireless telephony as a practical adjunct of farm life is to be brought before Michigan farmers this fall by the electrical engineering department of Michigan Agricultural College, Prof. Arthur Sawyer, of the department has announced.
    With a view to influencing farmers throughout the state to install receiving apparatus, a demonstration of wireless telephony will be given at the state fair.
    The college contemplates establishing a regular wireless telephone service, through which weather reports, crop reports, extracts from lectures on agricultural topics, etc., will be disseminated.
    Research work at the college this year has been aimed at determination of the minimum practical installation of apparatus which would enable a farm home to pick up the wireless communications from the college. It is not expected that the farmers should be able to communicate themselves but merely that they should be able to pick up the college messages.