The first -- and apparently only -- newspaper to partner with Clarence "C. S." Thompson and his Radio News and Music, Incorporated was the Detroit News. However, its station, WWJ, is still on the air.
Printers' Ink, March 18, 1920, page 28:

The  Thompson  Co.,  a  New  Agency
    The Thompson Company, advertising agency, has been established at New York by C. S. Thompson, who was recently associated with O. K. Davis in organizing the national foreign trade convention to be held at San Francisco in May, 1920.
    Mr. Thompson, one of the organizers of the American Defense Society, and now a director of that society, was in 1900 city editor of the Springfield, Mass., Union, and in 1905 managing editor of the New Haven, Conn., Register.
    J. F. Hubbard, recently discharged from the army with the rank of captain, is associated with Mr. Thompson.
    This agency is handling the accounts of the S. G. V. Motor Car Company, Inc., maker of S. G. V. motor cars, and the Radio News & Music, Inc.
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