Music Trade Review, November 20, 1920, page 60:



tists  Appearing  in  Many  Cities  in  Concert--Actuelle  Concerts  by  Wireless  in  Rock  Island  Heard  for  One  Hundred  Miles

    Pathé dealers throughout the entire country report increased activity as the Christmas season approaches. As many as 1,800 clippings of ads have been received at the headquarters of the Pathé Frères Phonograph Co., Brooklyn, N. Y. in one day from dealers who are advertising the special offer of records in conjunction with the sales of the Pathé phonographs. In the November issue of Pathé News, five excellent suggestions in the way of newspaper advertising are given for the benefit of the dealer which may be set up by the local newspaper without the use of cuts or matrixes. Mme. Margaret Matzenauer, Claudia Muzio, Helen Yorke, Hans Kronold, Paul Althouse, Percy Hemus, Gladys Craven and other Pathé stars are appearing in the various musical centers of the country as the zenith of the musical season approaches. The Churchill Drug Co., of Burlington and Cedar Rapids, Ia., and Peoria, Ill., is featuring the Pathé line in a novel way. Arrangements were made with Young & McCombs, of Rock Island, whereby an Actuelle concert is given every Thursday from eight to nine at a wireless station in Rock Island, Ill. Amateur wireless operators within a radius of 100 miles from this given point may listen in and enjoy the repertoire of the large list of Pathé stars given on the Actuelle.