Wilmington (North Carolina) Morning Star, February 10, 1920, page 2:


Seminole  Operator  Intercepts  Message  From  Ossining,  N. Y.

    James F. Rau, wireless operator on the Seminole, did a bit of pardonable eavesdropping Sunday night and picked up some information that was really addressed to a gentleman residing at St. Mary's, Ohio. The message was sent out over wireless telephone from Ossining, New York, by R. S. McGowan.
    The distance from Ossining to St. Mary's being only 400 miles and that from Ossining to Wilmington being 450, Mr. McGowan probably thought he was safe in assuming that Rau wouldn't get in on it. That's where he slipped-up. Mr. Rau got the whole works, including the jazz music and all, and made careful note of the date set by Mr. McGowan for the next entertainment.
    The Ossining man talked to his Ohio friend and the voice was plainly heard here. He then played him some jazz music and Mr. Rau beat time to it. He next sang a song and the Seminole operator got the words of it. The next thing he did was to set tomorrow night at 11:30 o'clock as the date of the next concert.
    Mr. Rau wants all the amateurs here having an audion detector and short wave regenerative receiver to listen in with him at this. He is greatly pleased that he is able to get messages from such a distance, and wants the boys here who are interested in the wireless method of transmission to get in on the fun.