Colorado Springs Gazette, November 18, 1920, page 1:

Dancers  in  Mountain  Cabins  Fox  Trot  to  Wireless  Tunes

    Hikers who are looking ahead to dances at near-by mountain resorts this winter need take no orchestra with them. The newly-organized radio instrument company of which W. D. Reynolds, 729 South Prospect street is the head, expects by next month to be prepared to supply dance music by wireless. In fact, it is announced by the company that this music may be used for dancing thruout the state.
    Reynolds has invented an instrument by means of which the music may be received by wireless telephone so loudly that it can be heard plainly thruout a moderately sized dance ball. The music can be transmitted either from the direct playing of an orchestra or from phonograph records. Request numbers will be played on receipt of wireless messages stating what is wanted.
    Colorado Springs will be the first city in the country to supply this ultra-modern music service. No subscriptions will be sought. Any one who has the necessary instrument can obtain the music.
    The Reynolds company is now giving phonograph concerts at 7 o'clock each Wednesday and Sunday evening. It has been learned that the music is listened to regularly in many parts of the state. Audiences have assembled at Boulder, and once, under freak atmospheric conditions, a ripple of wireless applause was received from New York.
    In the Pikes Peak region there are many who listen to these concerts and last night a large crowd assembled in the wireless room at the High school for one of the most enjoyable concerts of the season.