This unattributed editorial comment appeared in a number of newspapers nationwide.
Corona (California) Independent, February 16, 1920, page 4:


    A big city Y. M. C. A. has installed a wireless telephone outfit that is intended to let the members in on any important vocal or instrumental entertainments that happen to be going on. If there is a concert in town that the Y. M. C. A. men would like to hear, they will not have to go to the concert hall and pay an admission fee. They will simply gather in the Y. M. C. A. auditorium, where the receiving apparatus is set up, equipped with an amplifier capable of magnifying the tones so that they may be heard clearly thruout the room. It is said that political meeting can be handled in the same way, and eventually the arrangement may be extended to cover concerts, lectures, etc., in distant cities.
    The thing obviously has big possibilities. If it works as it is expected to, it will be widely copied. But what will the people controlling the entertainments in question have to say about this sort of "tapping?"
    When the novelty has worn off, they may refuse to allow the necessary sending apparatus to be installed in their halls, or may charge a round price for the privilege.
    Thus, as the range of musicians, lecturers and actors is widened, the performers themselves may find a new source of income. To their ordinary compensation, which is already reinforced in many cases by movie and "record" royalties, there will be wireless royalties.