San Diego Union, December 5, 1920, page 26:


Inaugural  Address  Is  to  Be  Transmitted  by  Radio  Reproduced  by  Magnavox.

    What promises to be one of the greatest publicity stunts ever devised was announced yesterday by Claude Seaman, manager of the radio department of the Southern Electrical company, who has just returned from the radio convention of the Pacific coast at San Francisco.
    According to Mr. Seaman, arrangements have been practically completed by government officials and the Magnavox and DeForrest companies, by which President Harding's inaugural address will be caught by the Magnavox, relayed to the great government radio station at Arlington, and from there broadcasted on wireless telephone waves to the four corners of the world. At San Diego the waves will be picked up by the large wireless towers here and transmitted to a monster Magnavox installation in the plaza, stadium, or elsewhere, where they will reissue in the natural tones of the speaker's voice, amplified so all may hear.
    It is expected no particular difficulty will be experienced, as already the press has reported radio-phone voice and music transmissions by amateurs of more than 3500 miles and by the time the inauguration takes place further refinements will have already been completed.
    Arrangements were made by Mr. Seaman the demonstration in San Diego with the Magnavox companies, of which in Southern Electrical company is local agent.