Pacific Radio News, September, 1920, page 22:

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WHEN MELBA sang by wireless telephone to an audience 100 miles away, most folks who read about it were thrilled at the alluring idea.
    Why can't all the world listen in, at a future time, when a great diva pours forth her golden notes?
    One man, meanwhile, is not waiting for such a development of radio wonders. He is the Rev. Clayton B. Wells, pastor of Fairmont Congregational church, Wichita, Kas. With the co-operation of one of his parishioners, C. A. Stanley, Dr. Wells preaches every Sunday to 1000 wireless operators, amateur and otherwise, who live in a radius of 500 miles from Wichita.
    And the wireless "bugs" like it! Stanley cut in one Sunday night to ask how many operators on his wave-length had been to church. There were no ayes, but a babel of noes. A night watchman at a cement plant near Waterloo, Ia., said he had to sleep in the daytime, and thus never got to hear a good sermon.
    That started the wireless "services." To the present the operators haven't been told to join in singing "Hymn No. 546," but there are plenty of ethereal Amens when the concluding benediction has been spoken.--"San Diego Sun."