Pacific Coast Musical Review, May 29, 1920, page 9:


    Before the California Theatre Orchestra under the direction of Herman Heller began the program for the ninth grand concert last Sunday morning, May 16th, no seat was available in the huge theatre auditorium, and people were still standing in line to secure admission...
    Last Sunday the announcement was made by the management of the California Theatre that a wireless telephone plant had been installed upon the roof of the theatre, by means of which it will be possible to hear the concerts at the theatre within a radius of 500 miles. As soon as this invention is completed and properly installed it will be possible for people throughout the State to "listen in" on these concerts at the wireless telephone. Eugene Roth, general manager of the California Theatre is very enthusiastic about this idea, and further particulars will be announced later.
    Upon his return from the East Mr. Roth became so enthusiastic with the progress made by the California Theatre Orchestra, under the direction of Herman Heller, that he immediately authorized the augmenting of the afternoon orchestra from thirty to fifty men, so that Mr. Heller is conducting now an orchestra of fifty men every day in the week. This is an enterprising spirit that is well worthy of emulation by other leading moving picture houses.
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