Lowell (Massachusetts) Sun, May 11, 1920, page 1:


Lowell  Radio  Men  Pick  Up  Concert  at  Powerful  Station  in  N. J.

Apparatus  of  John  McMaster,  18  Fairfield  Street,  Reaches  Out  Into  Night

    The officers of the Lowell Radio Club were visitors last night at the wireless station of John McMaster, 18 Fairfield street and enjoyed a wireless telephone concert from the Western Electric company's experimental wireless station at Elberton, New Jersey, which is probably the most powerful station of its kind at present in operation.
    Sharply at 10 o'clock the music was started, being played by a phonograph. Each selection was properly introduced, similar to the introductions at the local wireless telephone concert last month, by the man operating the set who used the phrase just before starting the music, "Ladies and gentlemen, balance your partners."
    At the end of the concert, which lasted over an hour, all who heard were asked to send a detailed report to the Western Electric Co. that data may be collected for all sections of the country.
    Mr. McMaster, at whose station the music was heard, is a student at Lowell high school. Immediately after the war he "got busy" and started working on his set. Nearly all his instruments are home made and now he has one of the most efficient receiving sets in the city. He does his studying in the afternoon and in the evening if anyone calls "1LZ" through the air they are sure to get an answer.
    For the benefit of the other wireless operators in the city it was announced last evening that similar experiments will be carried on from "2XJ," which is the official government designation of the Elberton, N. J. station, at 9 o'clock, eastern time (10 o'clock here) every evening this week on a wave length of 400 meters. The Lowell Radio club requests all wireless stations to refrain from transmitting later than 10 o'clock as it might interfere with the stations receiving the wireless telephones.