Niagara Falls (New York) Gazette, January 14, 1921, page 7:

Hear  Harding  Over  Wireless

Arrangements  Being  Made  for  Wireless  Distribution  of  Inaugural  Speech.
N.  E.  A.  Staff  Special
Washington, Jan. 14.--You need not go to Washington to hear President Harding's inaugural speech.
    Merely install a wireless receiving telephone and "listen in" at noon on March 4.
    A committee headed by Rear Admiral W. H. Bullard and Maj. Gen. George O. Squier is working out a system of wireless distribution for the inaugural speech.
    They expect to make it audible to every person with proper receiving apparatus anywhere in the United States.
    Special wireless equipment belonging to the army and navy will be set up at the inaugural stand in front of the capitol.
    This will be strong enough to transmit the voice of the president to all parts of the country and to vessels at sea.
    It is suggested that "inaugural parties" be held by all persons who have wireless equipment able to pick up the waves from Washington.
    The wave length used will be announced shortly.