London Times, May 19, 1922, page 16:



    The future of broadcasting by wireless was discussed at a conference at the General Post Office yesterday. The proceedings were private, and terminated at about 1 o'clock. The following official statement was afterwards issued--
    "A meeting of representatives of firms engaged in the manufacture of wireless apparatus was held this morning at the General Post Office to discuss the arrangements to be made to carry into effect the scheme recently announced by the Postmaster General in the House of Commons for broadcasting matter (including music) by wireless sets.
    "It was recognized generally that in order to avoid interference, broadcasting stations would have to be very limited in number. Some of the representatives thought that not more than eight could work simultaneously in Great Britain, using the power (1½ kilowatts) and the band of wavelengths (350-425 metres), allowed for the purpose, without such interference as would produce practical chaos. It was also recognized that the provision of a suitable daily programme at the various stations would be expensive, and that it was important in the interests both of the public and the manufacturing industry that the continuity of the service and the maintenance of a high standard in the programme should be ensured. The best means of attaining these objects seemed to lie in cooperation among the firms concerned, and it was suggested that one or possibly two groups should be formed, which should become responsible, both financially and otherwise, for the erection and maintenance of the stations and the provision of suitable programmes. In accordance with these suggestions it was arranged that the representatives of the various firms should collaborate in the immediate preparation of a cooperative scheme, or at the most of two such schemes, for consideration by the Post Office authorities."
    The next development that may be expected will be meetings among groups of manufacturers of wireless appliances when the details of projected schemes will be debated. The first of these will be held next week, probably at the Institution of Electrical Engineers.