The Radio Dealer, April, 1922, page 30:

Air  Advertising  Can't  Be  Sold  Now

The  Time  Is  Not  Ripe  for  Air  Advertising

    The air is bound to be employed by the folks as an advertising medium but the time is not ripe for this newest feature in advertising.
    This statement is made with due deference to the value that can be developed, from an advertising standpoint, the use of the air.
    The amateurs must be considered and for the moment the consumer is mostly to be pleased--which is a thing that happens in all lines of business endeavor.
    Your customer is always right! Today's air customer--radio amateur wireless expert and radio fan--wants no advertising in the air. Propaganda he will stand for, sermons he likes to hear and if at any time "the government" has a message for all the people our radio folks will listen and heed.
    Any attempt to put over "advertising stunts" should be nipped in the bud now and quickly.
    The amateurs are entitled to the use of the air--governmental use excepted--and radio amateurs will never concede anything else.
    It is true "feelers" are already out. Lines of inquiry are being developed by certain "interests" and they have been assured of "advertising orders," but the first result of a real attempt by advertisers to control the air will be and should be met with firm resistance.
    The folks who are radio fans are naturally, like you and the other chap, nice peaceful folks and like the average citizen will "stand for a lot," but when it comes to monopolizing the air for mercenary (advertising) purposes a real man-sized vocal rebellion can be expected.
    Can the would-be sellers of air advertising anticipate interference when they start broadcasting advertising?
    If they don't they must regard most of us as perfect "damphools."
    Do these would-be monopolists really believe that any "Washington bureau" will permit the air to be reserved for advertising purposes?
    These wise would-be radio advertising monopolists are on the wrong end of a wonderful idea.
    This is not the right time to sell air advertising.