The original scan for this article is at:
Philadelphia Evening Public Ledger, December 20, 1922, page 23:


Congress  Proceedings  Sent  Out  by  Radio  for  First  Time

    Washington, Dec. 20.--The country listened-in yesterday on the first debate in Congress ever broadcast by radio. The debate in the House was on a resolution for a constitutional amendment to prohibit further issuance of tax-exempt securities.
    Representative Brennan, of Michigan, author of a resolution providing radio broadcasting of congressional debates, managed the ether performance yesterday. Electrically operated loud-spreading devices recently installed in the House chamber to assist somewhat faulty acoustics were used to transmit the debate over a telephone wire to the Anacostia naval radio station, where the broadcasting apparatus sent the discussions to the country.
    Similar devices were used when thousands of radio devotees heard President Harding deliver his message to Congress several weeks ago, the only time previous a voice in the Capitol has been broadcast.