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I  Wish  There  Was  A  Wireless  To  Heaven
Lyric  byThen  Mama  Would  Not  Seem  So  Far  Away 
JOS.  MANUEL  and Music  by
cover While other children listened on the wireless telephone,
One little girl, sadly sat alone,
And as a message came from far away,
They heard this tearful little girlie say:

I wish there was a "Wireless" to Heaven,
And I could speak to Mama ev'ry day,
I would let her know, by the Radio,
I'm so lonesome since she went away.
I wish that I could only send a message,
And hear my Mama answer me and say,
"Hush a bye my darling, dry your tears, don't cry,
Mama dear is watching baby from the sky."
I wish there was a "Wireless" to Heaven,
Then Mama would not seem so far away.

As flowers nod their pretty head when shadows start to creep,
Poor little girlie, rests in slumber deep,
And dreams that Mama once again is there,
It seems an answer to her baby prayer:

(repeat chorus)