In January, 1922 the Department of Commerce banned entertainment broadcasts by amateur radio stations, so this New Year's broadcast by the Jersey Journal over Frank V. Bremer's amateur station, 2IA in Jersey City, was one of the last conducted before the announcement of the ban. Three local amateurs mentioned in this review are not fully identified in this article -- they are 2JF (Anton C. Frey, Jersey City), 2VA (F. M. Schussel, Hoboken), and 2BKK (Norman Rowe, Jersey City. The "rock crusher" reference meant he was using a spark transmitter).
Jersey (City) Journal, January 3, 1922, page 10:

    Saturday night between eleven-thirty and twelve-thirty, the Jersey Journal broadcasted via wireless, its New Year's Greetings to its friends, as follows:--
    "To its readers, friends and wireless enthusiasts everywhere the Jersey Journal of Jersey City, New Jersey, sends heartfelt greetings as an old year dies and a New Year begins. A year ago the wireless telephone was looked upon as a fad--something of limited use, a scientific adornment, that would at best be merely an experimental plaything. Today as an old year gives place to a new, the fad has become a brilliant reality. The field of use is creeping out to the far ends of the earth. The scientific adornment has become as much a factor of modern life as the telegraphic wireless. So does the mind of man annihilate the dominion of space.
    "The New Year is with us. May we all find in its days the answer to our dreams, the fulfilment of our ambition, prosperity, happiness and the richness of a contented heart."
    This message was sent by local station 2 IA, and reports have been received that it was heard many hundred miles away. This message was preceded and followed by a musical program and several vocal numbers, all of which, reports indicate, were well received by thousands of "listeners in." Our program included, among other selections, a baritone solo by Vincent B. Lamb, well-known singer of New York City, and a tenor solo by John F. Noland, popular singer of this city; also instrumental numbers by the Arcadia Orchestra of New York City. During the broadcasting, many reports were received from listeners in at various points, and we also had the opportunity of listening in ourselves to our own broadcasting, as it was being sent, by means of the line telephone from station 2 JF this city. 2 JF heard us on the air and telephoned us immediately, attaching his wireless telephone to the transmitter of the long distance telephone, permitting us to hear our own concert via air and line telephones at the same time.
    In this morning's mail, among other letters from friends who heard us New Year's Eve, was the following:
255 W. 148th St.,              
New York City.    
Jersey Journal:
    Your music received here very loud and clear. Would like to hear some more.
A. Feinberg,              
2 BCU.    
    Reports from Allentown, Pa., and from Red Bank, Elizabeth, Bogota, Montclair, N. J., and Yonkers, N. Y., were received telling of the receipt of the Jersey Journal greetings.
    Mr. Walter M. Dear is one of the latest additions to the "listeners in," having had a Westinghouse RC set installed in his home a few days ago.
    J. Harry Foley, secretary to Governor Edwards is also a new comer in this field, having had a receiving set installed in his home. Mr. Foley took Governor Edwards' word for it that it was the proper thing to do, and the Wireless Telephone Company of Hudson County, lost no time in making the installation.
    Now that Congressman Charles F. X. O'Brien is going back to Washington, we understand the other members of his family are going to have a chance to hear something over their wireless telephone. Mr. O'Brien spent much time at his set during the holidays, in fact, rather monopolized it.
    Gaylord Smith, Station 2 AWE, 2746 Boulevard, Jersey City, celebrated New Years via wireless. Mr. Smith, judging from what we heard in the air, had a party New Year's Eve at his home. He hooked up a transmitting horn in the room where the party was in progress, and we heard a great deal of this party through the air. Cowbells, tin horns, etc., were very popular in 2 AWE'S home that night.
    We thought that New Year's Eve would be rather quiet in the air, but my what a racket we heard! For a time, we had serious doubt about getting our own broadcasting through the jam, but reports since received have proved that we were very successful.
    2 VA of Hoboken has been making some real noise with his new 50 Watt CW set.
    2 BKK of Grand Street surely does make things hum when he opens up with his rock crusher.
    Sounded as though 2 IA celebrated the New Year Monday night, judging from the turmoil we heard from his station. Quite a gathering, it seems, at your house Monday night, 2 IA.