In order to promote proficiency in reading Morse code, selected Navy stations sent out, nightly, short messages for amateurs to practice their copying skills.
Radio News, July, 1922, pages 181-183:

Daily  Amateur  Radio  Broadcast
    The following messages were sent in plain English to amateur radio operators during the month of April at a rate of not more than twelve words per minute on 1832 meters and repeated on 175 meters.
    1st--The owner of an amateur station may operate his station in accordance with the laws if his application for a license has been properly filed but has not been acted upon period 
    2d--Provisional station licenses are issued to amateurs remote from Headquarters of the Radio Inspector of the District in which the station is located period These licenses are issued as a matter of convenience and record period If comma the station is found to comply with the law comma the radio inspector will strike out the word provisional period
    3d--Applicants for special amateur stations must state the experience and purpose of the application comma the local conditions of radio communications comma especially of maritime radio communication in the vicinity of the station comma and a special license will be granted only if some substantial benefit to the art or to commerce from individual amusement seems probable period
    4th--Special amateur coast stations must be operated by a person holding a special second grade license or higher period Inland stations may be operated by persons holding amateur second grade licenses or higher period
    5th--Operators holding licenses of grades other than commercial who submit satisfactory evidence showing actual operation of radio apparatus for three months during the last six months of the license term comma may be issued new licenses without examination period
    7th--The fact that Audion Tubes will not operate when the applied filament voltage drops below six volts makes the over discharging of six volt filament lead storage batteries nearly foolproof period Care must be taken however that such batteries are fully charged until specific gravity is about one and three tenths and at a rate not over ten amperes each time the charge is begun period
    10th--PRESIDENT HARDING has proclaimed forest protection week for April sixteen to twenty second Department of Agriculture wants every troop and every scout to have a part stop Officials can get information from Washington and their State Forestry Service and local Forestry Officials stop April twenty second will be Golden Anniversary of Arbor Day established fifty years ago on initiation of Nebraska stop National Council Boy Scouts of America requests that this message be relayed and broadcasted so as to reach all scouts throughout the whole UNITED STATES period
    11th--It is hoped that scouts by communities troops and individuals will surpass last years record in observing Forest Protection Week fixed for this year by proclamation of PRESIDENT HARDING April sixteen to twenty second with April twenty second to be Golden Anniversary of Arbor Day dash tree planting in memoriam for decoration and for utility reporting trees needing attention pest fighting making signs to be placed in Parks and in woods asking public to protect trees also giving appropriate scout demonstrations during week stop Receiving stations please relay or broadcast this message to reach scouts throughout the UNITED STATES period
    13th--Following additions to list of special land stations one X A Brookline Mass One X B Greenwich Conn Three X R Hyattsville Md Five X C Birmingham Ala Five Y A Victoria Texas Five Z G Norman Okla Five Z I Birmingham Ala Five Z M Enid Okla Five Z P College Station Texas Five Z Q Ponca City Okla Six X A Alameda Cal Six X B Los Angeles Cal Six X C Oakland Cal Six Z D Phoenix Ariz Six Z F Reedley Cal Six Z I Oakland Cal Seven X G Portland Oreg Seven X H Corvallis Oreg Eight Y D East Cleveland Ohio Eight Z E Swissvale Pa Eight Z H Cincinnati Ohio Nine X A Monroe Wisc Nine Z E Fort Riley Kansas Nine Z F Sioux City Iowa period
    14th--When operating a receiver consisting of audion detector and one or two steps of audio frequency amplification care should be taken that the bridging condensor is kept in good condition period A short circuited bridging condenser will most probably result in the primary winding of one of the amplifying transformers being burned out period
    15th--Those having receiving sets with two steps of amplification may use a Victrola horn as loud speaker with very good results as follows detach ear pieces of receiving telephones from headgear and attach them to the T of a Victrola horn with a soft rubber bushing about one quarter inch thick one half inch inside diameter and one and one quarter outside diameter between each ear piece and ends of T stop secure ear pieces in position with heavy rubber band period
    20th--Boy scouts and other amateur radio operators are requested by the United States Forest Service to receive Arbor Day Message from Secretary Wallace Department of Agriculture at Nine oclock PM Seventy-fifth meridian time April Twenty first and deliver same to the Mayors of their respective Cities stop Message will be broadcasted from principal government commercial and amateur stations by voice or code according to usual practice of station period
    21st--Same as the 20th.
    22d--To make an open core audion frequency transformer use a fibre cylinder one inch in diameter two and one half inches long on which are fitted nine fibre washers outside diameter two and three quarter inches thickness one sixteenth inch comma evenly spaced and secured to the core period. In sections one two four five seven and eight wind a secondary winding consisting of one thousand feet number forty enameled copper wire in each section stop in sections three and six wind a primary winding of fifteen hundred feet number forty enameled copper wire in each section stop all primary sections should be in series with each other stop all secondary sections should be in series with each other stop bring out primary terminals and secondary terminals to binding post as desired period
    23d--A receiver composed of loose coupler tuner variable condenser and audion detector may be transformed into a regenative receiver giving good results by inserting one variometer in grid circuit and another in the plate circuit period
    25th--Restricted amateur stations are those located within five miles of a Naval or Military Station stop They are restricted to a wave length not exceeding two hundred meters and to a transformer input not exceeding one half KW The operators of these stations must have an amateur second grade license or higher period
    26th--The radio laws and regulations prescribe that the logarithmic decrement of all stations per complete oscillation in the wave trains permitted by the transmitter shall not exceed two tenths except when sending distress signals or signals and messages relating thereto period