Radio, February, 1922, page 31:
With the U.S. Radio Inspector

    Ques.    Who is the head of the Radio Service, and what is his address? L. K., San Francisco, Calif.
    Answer:    The commercial and amateur radio interests in the United States are controlled by the Department of Commerce, and the Secretary of Commerce, Mr. Herbert Hoover, is the real head. However, the Commissioner of Navigation, Mr. D. B. Carson, is the actual administrative and executive head. His address is "Commissioner of Navigation, Department of Commerce, Washington, D. C." The head of the Sixth District is Mr. J. F. Dillon, who has the title of "Radio Inspector." His address is 215 Custom House, San Francisco, Calif., although unless you wish to correspond with him personally, address simply "Radio Inspector." His district covers California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and the Hawaiian Islands.
    Ques.    Can the limited commercial "broadcasting stations" work with any other stations, or handle relay business with special amateurs on 375 meters? H. J., Los Angeles.
    Answer:    No. These stations are licensed for broadcasting exclusively and are "limited" to this service by their licenses, and they are also required to observe the 300 and 600 requirement, as described in the answer to the previous question. They may not work with special stations, except under these circumstances.
    Ques.    Can they use any other wavelength than 360 meters? H. J., Los Angeles.
    Answer:    No. According to instructions issued by the department, this is the ONLY wavelength authorized for this class of work. No stations, except those actually licensed for the purpose, may transmit music, or other broadcast matter, and this must be done on 360 meters, under a special limited commercial license. No amateurs, or others, may broadcast. The broadcasting of music on 200 meters will jeopardize the continuation of the licenses of the offender.