Boston Herald, July 29, 1923, Section D, Page 5:


Miss  De  Leath  Extends  Versatility  as  Manager  of  WDT
Vaughn de Leath, WDT station manager
    Vaughn De Leath, so popular with radio fans through her frequent appearances before the microphone, is about to challenge the approval of radio audiences in a new role--that of studio and program manager of station WDT, now opening for general broadcasting.
    Rated among the leading women composers of the country, her songs and musical scores are known to all lovers of good music. As a recording artist, her phonographic records have an enormous circulation, marked by an unusually even distribution over the entire country, due, no doubt, in a large measure, to the great range of her contralto voice (three octaves) and its quality of sympathetic appeal.
    This young woman's remarkable versatility is further shown by her high rank as a piano player (not the mechanical kind) and by her success as a director of her own band and orchestra, or more than 60 pieces, as well as her own popularity as a concert singer and recitalist.
    Miss De Leath was the first woman in the United States, hence in the world, to broadcast vocal music for the benefit of the general public, with whom she has proved a decided favorite, and the woman chosen for the first successful attempt to bridge the Atlantic by a woman's voice. It is for these reasons that she is widely known as the "original radio girl."
    The radio-loving public will now have an opportunity to observe her versatile talent further exercised for their benefit in the direction and management of her own broadcasting studio.
Presto, June 16, 1923, page 6: (From the International Arcade Museum Library.)


Broadcasting  From  Premier  Grand  Piano  Co.  Plant,  in  New  York,  Was  Heard  by  Hundreds  of  Thousands.

    Broadcasting Radio Station WDT at Premier Grand Piano Corporation, 510-532 West 23rd street, New York, opened auspiciously Friday evening, June 8th, at 11 o'clock. There was a representative gathering of over one hundred well-known people, from the musical and dramatic world, as also a generous representation from the newspaper and radio publication fields.
    Miss Vaughn DeLeath, "The Original Radio Voice," managing director of Broadcasting Station WDT, made a very interesting and felicitous opening address, welcoming the guests present and stressing the appropriateness of the linking of Station WDT with the Premier Grand Piano Corporation. Later on she participated in the program in her artistic manner.
    Miss DeLeath's remarks were indicative of the high character of programs which will be rendered regularly at this station, and emphasized, too, the diversity of talent which could be listened into from this station. The initial program consisted of the following interesting selections, rendered by the well-known artists mentioned:
    Lew Thomas's Royal Orchestra, under direction of Harry Baum; Miss Vivienne Segal, prima donna Adrienne Co., from George M. Cohen Theatre; Nick Lange, tenor, in popular songs; Miss Susanne Sokvis, concert pianiste; Mr. Ted Barron, American composer; Miss Maren Berdine, prima donna of Greenwich Village Follies; Miss Olive Wright, concert soprano; Harry Hanbury & Conrad, composers in popular songs; Lyric Four, Ladies' Quartette from Adrienne Co., now appearing at the George M. Cohen Theatre; Bide Dudley, in Smart Sayings; Vaughn DeLeath, the Original Radio Girl, in original songs; James D. Kemperof, the Greenwich Village Theater Company.
    It is estimated that literally hundreds of thousands of radio enthusiasts heard this opening concert, the country over, and Station WDT now takes, its place among the leading broadcasting stations in the United States.
    The many letters and telephone messages received at WDT immediately following the opening concert, demonstrated that the program was most appealing and popular. The New York daily press made detailed references to the opening and highly approved of the up-to-date equipment and facilities of this new station.
    Subsequent programs will be listed regularly in the New York City and other newspapers, and every reader of Presto, is cordially invited to listen in to WDT whenever "on the air."