Washington Post, July 25, 1923, page 1:

Drop  Senate  Radio  Idea  As  Johnson  Is  Elected

    Almost coincidentally with the election of Magnus Johnson to represent, in part, the sovereign State of Minnesota in the United States Senate, the plans of the Senate leaders to have installed a radio equipment to broadcast speeches of senators has been abandoned.
    One senator remarked that because of his novel personality and remarkable remedies Mr. Johnson has for curing the body politic, the general public might be interested only in Senator Magnus Johnson, and that he will do his own broadcasting.
    Another expressed fear that the delicate instrument could not stand tall under the blasts from Senator Johnson. He said that at the last session of Congress, a radio broadcasting station was installed in the house and it worked well until Blanton, of Texas, went on the warpath. Mr. Blanton's voice is like a soothing murmur, it is said, compared to the vocal productions of Senator Johnson.