Radio World, June 21, 1924, page 12:

It  Is  the  Patriotic  Duty  of  All  Citizens  to  Have  a  Radio

BROADCASTING being only two and a half years old, naturally enough makes its bow this year as a factor in a Presidential campaign. It started by giving radio owners and their friends a ticket of auditory admission to the Republican convention in Cleveland. It will finish in even greater splendor, with laurels newly won and more certainly implanted. The right of way of radio to the homes and the hearts of all our people is emphasized by an injunction that now becomes obvious:

    It is the patriotic duty of all our citizens to have a radio.

    Anything that contributes to a citizen's knowledge of candidates for the highest office within the gift of an enlightened electorate of the greatest country is an essential possession. Only by knowing all it is possible for the most important task that they have franchised to themselves.
    By hearing candidates a better appraisal of their character can be made than by just reading what they say. It is possible for only a minor percentage of the voters ever to see the candidates. Our physical vastness has its commanding advantages, but some disadvantages, too, of which this circumscription is one. Swinging around the circuit does not bring a candidate's compass at more than two points of any given diameter. But with the radio circuit that's different! Though you may not see him, you will hear him, and a voice has sometimes altered the destiny of nations. While destiny may tread her even course no matter who is elected, nobody with even the slightest interest in our government would want to miss hearing the candidates on the great political issues of the day. The public interest in the event was newly affirmed by the close attention given to the Republican convention by the radio audience. There never was any doubt who would be accorded first place on the Republican ticket. Now the Democratic convention. There is almost feverish interest in who is going to be nominated for President at this session, which opens Tuesday June 24, at Madison Square Garden, New York City.
    Constitute yourself a radio delegate, attend via the ether, and you'll never regret it.